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Guest Information

All guests must be registered in a Club Guest Register and must be accompanied at all times by the sponsoring member.


The Club’s management and Board of Governors are charged with implementation of the Dress Code.  The Dress Code is intended to ensure a pleasant dining atmosphere for all and is premised on the Members’ exercising good judgment.  Compliance with the Dress Code by Members and guests is the sole responsibility of the Member.  In the case where there are differing opinions, members will abide by management’s interpretation.  Should a member, including family members and guests, be inappropriately dressed, management will inform the member and advise them of the available dining venues at the time.

  • All members, family members, and guests shall be neat and wear appropriate attire at all times.
  • Neat denim and shorts are not permitted in the Ballroom or Alcove unless otherwise specified by Club management.
  • Men shall remove hats while indoors.
  • Shirts are required for all members on the surrounding lawn areas of the Clubhouse.
  • Bathing suits may not be worn on the lawn areas around and within the Clubhouse.

The Dress Code is applicable to all children and guests. Members are responsible for ensuring that their children and guests are appropriately and neatly dressed while on the premises. Children ages 12 and over must adhere to formal adult dress requirements.

Dress Code by Dining Area:

Sea Side Terrace – Casual

Quarterdeck – Smart Casual*

Racquet Room – Casual

Family Room – Smart Casual*

Binnacle Room – Smart Casual*

Patio – Smart Casual*

Alcove – Formal**

Ballroom – Formal***

*              Tennis whites not allowed after 5:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

**                        Jacket and necktie optional, except Dances or Major Functions.

***           Necktie optional, except Dances or Major Functions.                                                                

Snack Bar:

Sleeveless shirts or tank tops for boys and men, along with appropriate swim and beach attire, are allowed.  Equally appropriate attire is required for women.  Shoes and sandals, while recommended, are not required.


Slacks, neat denim, collarless shirts, tennis whites, athletic uniforms, athletic shorts and swimming cover-ups are permitted.  No sleeveless shirts or tank tops for boys and men.  Equally appropriate attire is required for women.  Shoes or sandals are required.

Tennis Whites:

See Tennis Rules.

Smart Casual:

Dress, polo or golf shirt with collar, slacks or dress pants, neat denim and shorts.  Equally appropriate attire is required for women.  No athletic uniforms or athletic shorts other than Tennis Whites.   


Suit or sport coat (necktie required for Dances and Major Functions), and corresponding slacks for men.  No denim or shorts.  Equally appropriate attire is required for women.  The term Business Formal may be used to distinguish it from a black-tie or white-tie event.


Members will receive one letter of warning for non-compliance with the Rule.  Members receiving a second letter for non-compliance with the Rule will receive an automatic one week suspension from the Club.

The Chief Operating Officer is charged to properly convey the Rule to all managers and staff.   If there is a Member (or a child or guest of a Member) dressed inappropriately for where they are dining, the individual(s) will be escorted by Management to the Dining Area for which they are dressed.

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