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Club History

In 1908 a group of far sighted Norwalk residents formed The Norwalk Country Club Company and on March 19 purchased and combined three adjacent properties and the building thereon. These are the present Club grounds. The only original structure still remaining is now a portion of the main Clubhouse. The Norwalk Country Club Company's charter for incorporation states "to operate a nonprofit recreational club." This intent has been carried through since its incorporation.

During the Depression the Club floundered financially and, on April 5th 1933, The Shore and Country Club, a non profit, non stock corporation was formed. It has leased the property since 1933, maintaining the property, operating costs and paying for any renovations or additions its members approve.

In 1996 both parties reaffirmed their intent to remain a family oriented recreational Club by signing a ten year lease with options to renew for up to 40 years. The Shore and Country Club also has right of first refusal, should the property be offered for sale. Also, in 1996, The Shore and Country Club's Board of Governors agreed to explore possible purchase of the property within the next ten years, provided a purchase price can be agreed upon that is fair to the Norwalk Country Club shareholders, maintains the original intent of the founders and does not cause a major financial burden to Shore and Country Club members. This purchase by the membership was completed in the fall of 1999.

In accordance to its By-laws, The Shore and Country Club's affairs are managed by a Board of Governors, elected by the membership each year. Budgets and dues are approved by the membership at the December Annual Meeting.

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